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Asian Art

Madhok, Punam

The arts of ChinaSullivan, Michael, 1916-2013.N7340 .S92 2008
Asian artBrown, Rebecca M.N7260 .A815 2006
BuddhismKenneally, Christy.BQ4570.A7 B82 2004 DVD
Chinese painting : leading masters and principlesSirén, Osvald, 1879-1966.ND1040 .S49 1973 V. 2
Chinese Painting [photocopy]Siren, Osvald.MADHOK ART 3920 F.1
Chinese Painting [photocopy]Siren, Osvald.MADHOK ART 3920/6913 F.3
The compelling image : nature and style in seventeenth-century Chinese paintingCahill, James, 1926-2014.ND1043.5 .C34
Dance of Shiva [photocopy]Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.MADHOK ART 4916 F.1
Eastern spirit Western world : a profile of Diana KanSommers, Daria.ND2070.K3 A4 1988
Edicts of the Indian Mauryan : Emperor Ashoka [photocopy]Brown, R.M.MADHOK ART 3920/6913 F.2
Excerpts from Borobudur [photocopy]Frederic, LouisMADHOK ART 3920 F.3
From Babur to Shah Jahan [photocopy]Shalini, Saran.MADHOK ART 4916 F.6
Hinduism: An Introduction [photocopy]Shakunthala Jagannathan.MADHOK ART 4916 F.10
The Japanese garden ; an approach to natureItō, Teiji, 1922-SB458 .I8513 1972
Japanese paintingAkiyama, Terukazu, 1918-2009.ND1050 .A413 1977
Mahajanaka-Jataka [photocopy]Cowell.MADHOK ART 4916 F.4
Mahakapi-Jataka [photocopy]Cowell.MADHOK ART 4916 F.5
Shiva Nataraja: shifting meanings of an icon [photocopy]Kaimal, Padma.MADHOK ART 4916 F.8
Story of Visvantara [photocopy]Speyer, J. S.MADHOK ART 4916 F.2
"A Study On Hsu Wei" [photocopy]Yu-Ho, Tseng.MADHOK ART 3920 F.2
The Tea Ceremony as a Form of Encounter Between East and West [photocopy]Akatani, Yoshio.MADHOK ART 3920/6913 F.1
The Great Ape Jataka and Ruru Jataka [photocopy]Brown, R. M.MADHOK ART 3920 F.4
Trends in Indian Painting [photocopy]Kaul, Manohar.MADHOK ART 4916 F.7
Women In The Life of Buddha: Ancient Literary and Indian Pictorial Sources [photocopy]Karetzky, PatriciaMADHOK ART3920 F-10
Yoga as a Key to Understanding the Sculpted Body [photocopy]Dehejia, Vidya.MADHOK ART 4916 F.3
Zen Ink Painting [photocopy]Barnet and Burto.MADHOK ART 3920/6913 F.1