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2020 Conference Archive

Thank you for attending the Paraprofessional Conference.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Keynote: Bring It On: Delighting in the Challenge of Being Fully Present:

Keynote: Sharon R. Eisner, Pronouns: she/her/hers - Faculty at Elon University and Duke Fuqua School of Business, Interpersonal Coach and Faculty Development Consultant

What does it mean when a specific person or situation is difficult for us to deal with, or makes us feel frustrated? Consider your daily challenges, and the things that annoy you most. What if we could find a way to take these moments of dissatisfaction or resentment and turn them into opportunities for lasting growth? Understanding and applying the principles of Emotional Intelligence can serve to tweak our perspectives regarding the challenges and (formerly) humdrum moments of our daily lives. We will be examining ways that we can build mindfulness through expanding our EQ and bringing it to our interactions at work. Our primary goals are to increase our self-awareness and to improve the quality of our engagement with and understanding of others. As a fringe benefit, the techniques we’ll be practicing will hone our personal leadership skills, particularly in challenging moments. The question we are exploring at the moment is: What if...as a possibility...your changed perspective could actually change your life?

Digging Around the Roots: How to Nurture, Build, and Sustain Collaborative Community Projects:

Presented by Heather White, Pronouns: she/her/hers - ECU, Joyner Library

In the purest sense, community engagement strategies should include process of nurturing, building, and sustaining positive relationships. In any organization, it is essential to remain mission-driven and goal-oriented, but how do we do so while also being mindful of the needs of our community? Like any healthy relationship in our lives, these connections take time, effort, and a whole lot of thought. At its core, community engagement is often responsive and should include intentional interactions, citizen centered participation, and equitable decision making. Using concrete examples, including the “Beyond Bricks & Mortar: Revisiting the Sycamore Hill Community” project, this session will help participants create their own preliminary plans for engagement in their communities. This interactive workshop session will address “digging around the roots,” aka how to create meaningful collaborative partnerships, how to identify and address stakeholders, the process of equitable project creation, and project sustainability. Bring your ideas, and let’s brainstorm how to make change in your community that is beneficial for all!

You are speaking, but is anyone really listening? Effective Presentation Skills for classroom, conferences, and beyond!:

Presented by Pamela Hopkins, Pronouns: she/her/hers - ECU, Speech Communications 1

This presentation will focus on effective presentation skills for anyone who speaks publicly. That includes teaching and presenting at conferences. Topics will include dynamic delivery, effective us of PowerPoint slides, and managing speaking anxiety.
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Engaging with Library Staff: Lessons from a Staff Assembly:

Presented by Ashley Moore, Pronouns: she/her/hers & John Dunning, Pronouns: he/him/his - ECU, Joyner Library

East Carolina University’s J.Y. Joyner Library provides its employees with the opportunity to have their voice heard and impact the direction of the library by engaging its staff assemblies. The current SHRA Executive Council assumed leadership in June 2019 and identified the need to foster more meaningful engagement among Joyner staff members within the non-faculty assembly. The council set goals to make the assembly meeting times more interactive, impactful, and positive in tone. Changes to the meeting and leadership structure were put into practice and initiatives to reach the council’s goals during them full assembly meeting times were implemented. While many of the initiatives have had positive effects, not all of the well-intentioned changes have been as successful and challenges remain.
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You Had Me at Data: Crafting Compelling Pitches with Everyday Statistics:

Presented by Meghan Wanucha Smith, Pronouns: she/her/hers - UNC Wilmington

Tallying those desk questions day after day? Diligently reporting ILL usage to your supervisor? All these metrics and statistics are critical pieces to the assessment puzzle for libraries. But sometimes it feels like these numbers sit in a report somewhere or don’t really get used. However, this “everyday” data can be a rich source of stories and celebration for the individuals collecting them, as well as the patrons we serve. In this interactive session, we’ll challenge each other to turn typical statistics into something useful beyond annual reports or board meetings: A compelling story you can use in interviews, meetings, or presentations. Attendees will leave with an outline for a data-based elevator speech they can share right away.
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Hiding in Plain Sight: The Library of the John Levy Galleries in the Art Reference Library at the North Carolina Museum of Art:

Presented by Erin Rutherford, Pronouns: she/her/hers & Cara Brick, Pronouns: she/her/hers - North Carolina Museum of Art

The Art Reference Library at the North Carolina Museum of Art was established alongside the founding of the institution in 1956. The first librarians built up the print collection largely through solicited requests and support from the North Carolina Federation of Women’s Clubs. The gifting of the personal book collection of the museum’s first director, W. R. Valentiner has long been recognized as the act that transformed the Library from an informal resource to a scholarly collection. However, a review of the Library’s original accessions ledger offers up clues to a second, significant thread in our origin story. This presentation will recount the yet untold narrative of books bearing the stamp of the John Levy Galleries that pervade our Stacks. With no institutional paperwork onsite to offer clues, a tenacious hunt for information and a parallel processing project unfold. Who donated the collection and why? How many items does the collection number? When did it enter the institution? In terms of user engagement, what is its significance going forward? How best we steward this significant and extensive collection into the future?
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Thursday, June 18th, 2020

DVD's & CD's vs. Streaming and Downloadable Media:

Presented by Ronald Headen, Pronouns: he/him/his - Greensboro Public Library

This presentation will look at whether DVDs, Music CDs, and Audiobook CDs are still relevant in library collections since the current popularity of streaming and downloadable media. It will examine options and vendors for the latter two. The participants will discuss these issues.
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Celebrating Library Anniversaries: Project Management and Opportunities for Archiving:

Presented by Marlena Rose, Pronouns: she/her/hers & Layne Carpenter, Pronouns: she/her/hers - ECU, Laupus Health Science Library

Laupus Health Sciences Library at East Carolina University recently celebrated a fifty-year anniversary. This presentation will outline the planning process including the formation of a taskforce, how activities and items were budgeted, how decisions were made, and lessons that were learned. The presentation will also detail the value of the archives in planning for this event and will provide practical tips for how others may preserve the history of their library and engage their users.
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Amplified Advisory with Book Talk Videos:

Presented by Sam Helmick, Pronouns: they/them/their - Burlington Public Library

Take your Readers Advisory and library marketing to the next level with social media Book Talks. Learn tips and tricks to efficiently and economically craft, record, publish, and curate videos which promote your library's collection and programming. Take home a solid plan to provide new, exciting space for your patrons to explore your collection, encounter you library’s strategic narrative, and share the library's marketing message with others.

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