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2021 Archived Sessions

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Tuesday, May 11
Tuesday, 9:00 AM

Keynote: Tracy Doaks, "Resiliency and Success: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone"

Tracy Doaks (she/her/hers) - President & CEO of MCNC

She is President & CEO of MCNC, the technology nonprofit focused on delivering high performance Internet, networking, cloud services, cybersecurity, and other essential technologies for communities throughout North Carolina. MCNC’s 4,000 mile fiber-optic backbone, the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN), supports community anchor institutions in all 100 counties of the state. Tracy serves on the boards of the CORRAL Riding Academy, Triangle Technology Executive Council, Athena International, Association of IT Professionals, and NC State's Computer Science Strategic Advisory Board.

Tuesday, 10:00 AM

Whom Do You Trust?

Shawna Bryce (she/her/hers) - Madison County Public Libraries

This workshop focuses on teaching patrons critical thinking skills to help S.I.F.T. through the onslaught of "news" in today's world. A focus is also placed on demonstration of skills as well as links to resources on which one can depend to find facts and aid in reading laterally.
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Tuesday, 11:00 AM

Podcasting in Your Library: For Fun and Learning

Mary Jordan (she/her/hers) - Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange

In this session, we will all walk through the basics of setting up a podcast in the library. It can be used to share ideas with staff, to do some internal training, to share materials and services with patrons, to do programming - all sorts of strategies! With libraries moving so many things online for the foreseeable future, having an easy way to share audio material can be a big help to any library. You do not need to be big, or to have a big budget - just get started!
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Tuesday, 1:00 PM

Navigating a Cyber Incident While in the Midst of a Pandemic

Rita Van Duinen (she/her/hers) - Chatham Community Library

Chatham County government fell victim to a crippling cyber event in October 2020 leaving the libraries with out access to email, networks, library databases and ILS for over 3 months. This session will discuss how the Chatham Community Library administration and staff rallied to continue services despite the absence of technical infrastructure and in combination with being closed to the public due to COVID-19.
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Tuesday, 2:00 PM

Training for All: Equipping Staff to Answer Questions about Electronic Resources

Olivia Hattan-Edwards (she/her/hers) - Jacksonville University

Small libraries often mean limited staff, which means everyone must know a little about everything. The systems librarian at the Carl S. Swisher Library at Jacksonville University discovered the need for everyone on staff to understand the common technology questions asked by users when accessing electronic library resources. To improve responses and equip staff with the knowledge and confidence to answer such questions, a training session was developed that all staff (professional and paraprofessional) attend at least twice a year. This presentation will discuss the training session, including the training materials used, how the training is conducted, and feedback from staff on the usefulness of the training. Attendees will leave with ideas on how to replicate a session.
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Tuesday, 3:00 PM

Turning Technofear to Technojoy

Amanda McLellan (she/her/hers) - ECU Libraries

To borrow from the great philosopher Ferris Bueller, technology, like life, moves pretty fast, and if you’ve not stopped and looked around, you might feel lost. This presentation will cover some tips on overcoming the fear of change and new technology, balancing security and privacy issues with participation in social media, and some suggested websites and apps to get you started.

Tuesday, 4:00 PM

Marketing to Reach Your Intended Audience

Jessica Collogan (she/her/hers), Kara Oxendine (she/her/hers), & Krystal Dean (she/her/hers) - UNC at Pembroke

"Join us for a deep diving review into the student personas used to develop a targeted marketing plan in your library which supports library initiatives and goals aligned to your institution’s strategic plan. This presentation will provide a review focused on targeted student users on campus, develop a basic persona profile, and develop a targeted marketing plan. Attendees will learn how to review a strategic plan, marketing style guide, and apply these concepts to social media and LibGuides using Canva design software. Attendees will review best practices in developing a department style guide and learn tips through examples.
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Wednesday, May 12
Wednesday, 9:00 AM

Second Day Keynote: Dr. Mark Samberg

Dr. Mark Samberg (he/him/his) - Director of Strategy & Transformation in the Educational Technology & Data Services Division, NC Dept. of Public Instruction

He is the Director of Strategy and Transformation in the Educational Technology and Data Services Division at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. He previously served as the Director for Technology Programs at the Friday Institute and an Assistant Teaching Professor in the College of Education. He worked with project teams at the Institute to identify, select, and implement technology solutions that supported their work and the mission of the Friday Institute. He also managed the internal FI IT and facilities teams and the IT infrastructure.
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Wednesday, 10:00 AM

Deep Fakery: Libraries' Role in Disinformation's Cutting Edge

Don Gates (he/him/his) - North Carolina Central University

An overview of the history, present, and future of disinformation and how libraries in general can serve as arbiters of truth and assist the public in navigating an increasingly wild information ecosphere. I will discuss the role libraries have previously played in supplying reliable information, and how I think they may need to adapt in the future to play a vital role in supporting an informed public, which is critical to maintaining a functioning democracy.

Wednesday, 11:00 AM

You Can Be a More Engaging Presenter!

Dr. Pamela Hopkins (she/her/hers) - School of Communication Speech Communication Center

This session will focus on presentational skills for professionals. It will include virtual and face to face tips on effective organization and use of PP slides, dynamic delivery, managing speaking anxiety, and communicating clearly.
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Wednesday, 2:00 PM

Bridging the Digital Divide: How a Public Library Provides Access

Jennifer Schraw (she/her/hers) & Sarah McElhone (she/her/hers) - Catawba County Library System

In this session staff from the Catawba County Library System will discuss the technology lending program which includes hot spots, tablets, and laptops, virtual technology programming, the Homework Gap Project, and the Wi-Fi for All community Wi-Fi program.
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Wednesday, 3:00 PM

"Adulting" for Teens: Helping Teen Patrons Put Their Best Foot Forward, and Why It's Important

Madeline Anglin (she/her/hers) - Wake County Public Libraries

Formal Education in recent years has been so focused on standardized testing and getting into a "good college" that practical skills once taught in school have fallen by the wayside, leading to teens and young adults not having the knowledge of basic real world skills. This in turn has lead to an influx of informal how to videos online. Though informal videos are great, they are not always accessible or easy to understand for some teen patrons. Bringing an "adulting" program series to your library will have countless benefits for your teen patrons. This presentation will talk about why teens need these skills, the benefits of this program series, and possible programs within the series, such as job interview skills, how to find and rent an apartment, and how to doctor your Ramen Instant Noodles to be healthier!
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Wednesday, 4:00 PM

Interactive and Multimedia Rich Web Design using WordPress and Google App Integration

Beatrix Hutton (she/her/hers) - UNCG Library Information Sciences

In this session, I will describe the design process for an interactive, multimedia website through the lens of my development of the Real-World English website. While inspired by a web development project, the focus of the session is to share best practices for building the best product possible for your audience, whoever they may be. Using the A-ADDIE instructional design framework, I will show the audience how to approach the user-centered design process, giving detailed descriptions of each of the steps with real-world examples. This framework can be used for any kind of teaching/learning project, so even if you have no plans to ever build a website, if you aspire to build something, create something for others, this is the session for you.
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Thursday, May 13
Thursday, 10:00 AM

Virtual Reality as a Tool for Increasing Cultural Awareness

Sean Moore (he/him/his) & Justin Stout (he/him/his) - Neuse Regional Libraries

Staff members from Neuse Regional Libraries will discuss how they have begun using virtual reality as a tool for library programming, and how it is particularly valuable as a tool for programs that focus on increasing cultural awareness. Staff will discuss the use of a particular VR documentary, Traveling While Black, to give patrons an immersive experience as they hear stories about the dangers of traveling as a black American during the mid 20th century. They will explain how virtual reality can provide a unique opportunity to expose library users to new experiences and increase their awareness of important topics like black history.

Thursday 11:00 AM

Distributed Ledger Technology and Censorship Resistance

Dr. Armin Krishnan (he/him/his) - East Carolina University

Distributed Ledger Technology has great potential for transforming the way information is stored, retrieved, and used. Due to the fact that blockchains store information in an inherently decentralized fashion, relying on public-key encryption for altering records and keeping an immutable record of data alterations, the information becomes more resilient, secure, and resistant to censorship and other manipulation. The main argument of the presentation is that in our increasingly digital world the integrity, security, and reliability of data is more important than ever and that Distributed Ledger Technology provides an excellent solution. The presentation will explain the basic principles behind blockchains and will highlight the benefits with respect to data resilience, security, and censorship resistance that the technology offers.
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Thursday, 1:00 PM

Evolution of the Species: Teen Blog Edition

Kristie Hill (she/her/hers) & Stephanie Johnson (she/her/hers) - Union County Public Library

At the start of the COVID Lockdown, all the way back in March of 2020, Stephanie Johnson and Kristie Hill set out to find a way to stay connected with the teen patrons they strive for, and so The Bookwork Blog was born. During this presentation we will be walking through the process of the blog moving from idea to actualized website and how it has evolved over the last year. We will discuss how we take on blog maintenance and scheduling, showing examples of content creation, and explaining the analytics for the blog since going live. This will be followed by Q & A.
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Thursday, 2:00 PM

Staff Project Organization and Workstudy Training - Lessons from the Pandemic

Larry Treadwell IV, Velma Williams, Alexi Sprague, & Samantha Thorne - Shaw University
Our presentation will include our use of Libguides, Trello and Teams to organize our project workflow, student training and documentation along with lessons learned.

Thursday, 3:00 PM

Opposing Needs: Calming cybersecurity fears and creating cybersecurity awareness in Speakers of other languages

Jane Canfield (she/her/hers) - Pontifical Catholic Univ of Puerto Rico/Encarnacion Valdes Library

Our library users who speak other languages frequently fear the worst from cybersecurity, yet are not fully aware how to stay safe online and avoid online scams and disinformation. This presentation will explore how to help speakers of other languages feel less afraid of the possibility of cyber surveillance of their lives and how to be more comfortable in the cyberworld. Resources in other languages on cybersecurity and cyber awareness will be presented.
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Thursday, 4:00 PM

Library Virtual Adult Programming in the Age of COVID-19

Ronald Headen (he/him/his) - Greensboro Public Library

This presentation will talk about the challenges and successes of adult programming during the pandemic. Since in person programming has been suspended everywhere as far as I know, creative ways had to be put in place to continue programming.
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Poster Sesions
Tuesday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Email Session

"Can I Print From My Phone?" Library patron technology advocacy and building a relationship with the IT department.

Jenny Anderson, Zach Trabona, & Seth Ledford - Iredell County Public Library

Our poster presentation will discuss how to create an open channel of communication and professional dialog with the public library’s IT department. Some libraries still enjoy in-house IT, but most library are now using the ever-growing entity of a separate IT department as a part of a county network. The IT department, typically is not exposed to the public and instead works in the private offices of county agencies. That can be a disadvantage for IT as they do not have experience working with our patrons. As library staff, we have to advocate our patron’s technology needs. In this poster session we will demonstrate those efforts and how to get the results you need to have an ongoing partnership with your own IT department.

Wednesday, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Email Session

Leveraging Technology to Discover Finding Aids

Emily Calderon, Beth Thompson, & Beth Breedlove- Hunter Library, Western Carolina University

In August 2020, the Cataloging Unit at Western Carolina University’s Hunter Library implemented new tools and online workflows to add finding aids to the library’s catalog. During remote work, catalogers utilized advanced tools in Connexion software, such as online constant data forms, text strings, macros, and batch exporting. They also incorporated online workflows with Microsoft OneNote, Planner, and Excel to organize and manage the project. Presenters will discuss the project, highlight specific fields used, and offer alternative tools and workflows for completing this project in public libraries.

Thursday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Email Session

Demystifying "Born-digital"

Alston Cobourn & Kelly Spring- East Carolina University

In our poster presentation we’ll help participants make sense of the archival approach to born-digital material. Our virtual tour begins with a glossary of terms, setting the stage for better understanding and rich discussion. We’ll next outline what happens to zeroes and ones when they meet an archivist and an all-seeing crystal ball of software tools. We’ll even let you in on the secret powers of digital forensics! Next, we’ll demonstrate how a few institutions are grappling with access to this content. Finally, we’ll send you off with some links and resources to learn more. Hopefully, demystifying born-digital materials empowers participants to explore how these concepts may already be present in their day-to-day work.

We look forward to seeing you virtually at the conference!

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