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East Carolina University Libraries are committed to supporting the research, publishing, and scholarly communication activities at ECU. To reduce barriers to open access publishing and to support faculty, staff, and graduate students who choose open access publishing as the best venue for their work, ECU has established the Open Access Publishing Support Fund (OAPSF).

In addition to the OAPSF, ECU Libraries have established agreements with some publishers to reduce the article processing charges (APCs) for open access articles or to pay the APCs. For more information on available discounts, please visit our Sustainable Scholarship site. Please note: articles published in journals eligible for a discount or full APC payment are not eligible for additional support from the OAPSF.

We are now accepting applications for the Open Access Support Fund. The Fall 2021 deadline is November 15th. Spring 2022 deadline will be based on availability of funds. If you have questions about the fund, please contact us at

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  1. Due to limited funding, authors should use funding support for open access articles from other funding sources before submitting their application. We ask that applicants request matching funds for half the APC cost from your department or other unit. Examples of other funding support may include grant funding, F&A funding, and support from co-authors.
  2. Articles published in journals where ECU already has an agreement to reduce or cover APCs will not be supported by the OAPSF. To review current agreements, please visit our Sustainable Scholarship Open Access Publishing site.
  3. The author/applicant must be a current faculty, staff, graduate student, postdoctoral scholar, or resident physician at the time of reimbursement.
  4. The article must be published in a peer-reviewed journal, and the article must be made open access immediately upon publication. Preference is given to original research articles.
  5. Journals must have a commitment to scholarly integrity. This may be demonstrated by membership in relevant publisher associations like Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE) or evidence that the publisher adheres to Code of Conducts guided by publisher associations.
  6. Reimbursement will only provide funding towards required article processing charges (APC).
  7. Reimbursement will be limited to one award per fiscal year per author. Priority may be given to first-time recipients.
  8. Reimbursements will only be transferred to ECU departments.
  9. The OAPSF may support 50% or maximum $1,000 for APC. Total amount is based on the number of successful applications and amount of available funds.
  10. Funded authors agree to providing an acceptable copy of the article to The ScholarShip, ECU's Institutional Repository.
  11. Research described in the article must have been conducted primarily while the author was employed by ECU.
  12. Graduate student applicants must be current students and include a current ECU faculty member in the author list.

Application & Funding Process

  1. Authors must fill out an online application form and provide a copy of the paid journal invoice. Contact information for department business officer or FOAP (Fund Or Accounts Payable) contact must be included in the application.
  2. The application will be reviewed by the Joyner or Laupus OAPSF committees which are comprised of representatives from Joyner and Laupus Libraries and the Faculty Senate Libraries Committee. The committee will review applications after the November 15th deadline for Fall 2021 and after the April 15th deadline for Spring 2022.
  3. The committees will review and select applications based on the following:
    • Journal quality and commitment to scholarly integrity
    • Total amount of support requested
    • Total available OAPSF Funds
    • Total number of applications
    • Reason funding is requested
    • Availability of other funding (i.e. F&A, grants, ECU Libraries’ publisher agreements)
  4. Approved applications will receive reimbursement from the OAPSF within four-six weeks of the Fall and Spring OAPSF deadline dates. Reimbursement will be sent to the applicant’s home department via a departmental transfer. The department is responsible for paying the publisher.

For questions regarding the Open Access Publishing Support Fund, please contact us at

Articles supported by the Open Access Publishing Support Fund:

2020-2021 Open Access Publishing Support Fund Articles

Division of Health Sciences
Awarded to Shehabaldin Alqalyoobi, Internal Medicine

Alqalyoobi, S., Fernández Pérez, E. R., & Oldham, J. M. (2020). In-hospital mortality trends among patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in the United States between 2013-2017: a comparison of academic and non-academic programs. BMC pulmonary medicine, 20(1), 289.

Awarded to Akshat Kapoor, Health Services and Information Management

Kapoor, A., & Nambisan, P. (2020). Exploring Interactive Survivorship Care Plans to Support Breast Cancer Survivors: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial. JMIR research protocols, 9(12), e23414.

Awarded to Jennifer Chae-Kim, Obstetrics and Gynecology

J Chae-Kim, J., Waggener, K., & Gavrilova-Jordan, L. (2020). Defragmentation of in-vitro fertilization blastocyst stage embryos leading to rescued blastocyst expansion and clinical pregnancy. Clinical Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, 6(6)

Awarded to Denise Donica, Occupational Therapy

Donica, D. K., Giroux, P., Kim, Y. J., & Branson, S. (2021). A comparison of two keyboarding instruction methods over 2 years for elementary students. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 9(9), 1-13.

Awarded to Kim Larson, Nursing

Cook, K., & Larson, K. (2021). Research recruitment: A case study on women with substance use disorder. Qualitative Report, 26(3), 1012-1020.

Awarded to Karen Litwa, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Wilson, E., Knudson, W., & Newell-Litwa, K. (2020). Hyaluronan regulates synapse formation and function in developing neural networks. Scientific reports, 10(1), 16459.

Awarded to Li Yang, Hematology/Oncology

Yang, L. V., Oppelt, K. A., Thomassen, M. J., Marie, M. A., Nik Akhtar, S., & McCallen, J. D. (2020;2021;). Can GPR4 be a potential therapeutic target for COVID-19? Frontiers in Medicine, 7, 626796-626796.

Division of Academic Affairs
Awarded to April Blakeslee, Biology

Hitchens R.T., Blakeslee, A.M.H. (2020). Trends in illegal wildlife trade: Analyzing personal baggage seizure data in the Pacific Northwest. PLoS ONE, 15(6), e0234197.

Awarded to Carol Goodwillie, Biology

Goodwillie, C., McCoy, M. W., & Peralta, A. L. (2020). Long-term nutrient enrichment, mowing, and ditch drainage interact in the dynamics of a wetland plant community. Ecosphere, 11(10). E03252.

Awarded to Robert Hughes, Chemistry

Patel, M. P., Green, N.T., Burch, J.K., Kew, K.A., & Hughes, R. M. (2020). Screening of biocatalysts for synthesis of the Wieland-Miescher ketone. Catalysts, 10(9), 1063.

Awarded to Carol Massarra, Construction Management

Massarra, C.C., Friedland, C.J., Marx, B.D., & Dietrich, J.C. (2020). Multihazard hurricane fragility model for wood structure homes considering hazard parameters and building attributes interaction. Frontiers in Built Environment, 6(147).

Awarded to Nicholas Murray, Kinesiology

Hunfalvay, M., Murray, N.P., Roberts, C., Tyagi, A., Barclay, K.W., & Carrick, F.R. (2020). Oculomotor behavior as a biomarker for differentiating pediatric patients with mild traumatic brain injury and age matched controls. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 14(581819).

Awarded to Mostafa Namian, Construction Management

Karji, A., Namian, M., & Tafazzoli, M. (2020). Identifying the key barriers to promote sustainable construction in the United States: A principal component analysis.Sustainability, 12(12).

Awarded to Ariane L. Peralta, Biology

Bledsoe, R. B., Goodwillie, C., & Peralta, A.L. (2020). Long-term nutrient enrichment of an oligotroph-dominated wetland increases bacterial diversity in bulk soils and plant rhizospheres. mSphere, 5(3). E00035-20.

Awarded to Kyra Price, Biology

Price, K. A., Garrison, C.E., Richards, N., & Field, E.K. (2020). A shallow water ferrous-hulled shipwreck reveals a distinct microbial community. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11(1897).

2019-2020 Open Access Publishing Support Fund Articles

Division of Health Sciences
Awarded to Dr. Yan-Hua Chen, Anatomy & Cell Biology:

Fan, J., Tatum, R., Hoggard, J., & Chen, Y. (2019). Claudin-7 modulates cl - and na + homeostasis and WNK4 expression in renal collecting duct cells.International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20(15), 3798.

Awarded to Dr. Ray Hylock, Health Services and Information Management:

Hylock, R. H., & Zeng, X. (2019). A blockchain framework for patient-centered health records and exchange (HealthChain): Evaluation and proof-of-concept study. Journal of Medical Internet Research , 21(8), e13592.

Awarded to Dr. Young Joo Kim, Occupational Therapy:

Kim, Y. J., Radloff, J. C., Crane, P. A., & Bolin, L. P. (2019). Rehabilitation Intervention for Individuals With Heart Failure and Fatigue to Reduce Fatigue Impact: A Feasibility Study. Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine, 43(6), 686–699.

Awarded to Dr. Myon-Hee Lee, Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology:

Park, Y., O'Rourke, S., Taki, F. A., Alfhili, M. A., & Lee, M. H. (2020). Dose-dependent effects of GLD-2 and GLD-1 on germline differentiation and dedifferentiation in the absence of PUF-8. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 8 , 5.

Awarded to Dr. Qun Lu, Anatomy & Cell Biology:

Zhu, Y., Howard, G. A., Pittman, K., Boykin, C., Herring, L. E., Wilkerson, E. M., . . . Lu, Q . (2019). Therapeutic effect of Y-27632 on tumorigenesis and cisplatin-induced peripheral sensory loss through RhoA–NF-κB. Molecular Cancer Research, 17(9), 1910-1919.

Awarded to Dr. Cristina Richie, Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies:

Richie, C. (2019). Sex, not gender. A plea for accuracy. Experimental & Molecular Medicine, 51 (11), 1-1.

Awarded to Dr. Li Yang, Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology

Krewson, E. A., Sanderlin, E. J., Marie, M. A., Akhtar, S. N., Velcicky, J., Loetscher, P., & Yang, L. V. (2020). The proton-sensing GPR4 receptor regulates paracellular gap formation and permeability of vascular endothelial cells. iScience, 23(2), 100848.

Division of Academic Affairs
Awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Ables, Biology:

Hinnant, T. D., Merkle, J. A., & Ables, E. T. (2020). Coordinating proliferation, polarity, and cell fate in the drosophila female germline. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 8, 19.

Awarded to Dr. Amin Akhnoukh, Construction Management:

Akhnoukh, A. K., & Elia, H. (2019). Developing high performance concrete for precast/prestressed concrete industry. Case Studies in Construction Materials, 11, e00290.

Awarded to Dr. April Blakeslee, Biology: 

Bojko, J., McCoy, K. A., Behringer, D. C., & Blakeslee, A. M. H. (2019). Circular single-stranded DNA virus (microviridae : Gokushovirinae : Jodiemicrovirus ) associated with the pathobiome of the flat-back mud crab, eurypanopeus depressus. Microbiology Resource Announcements, 8(47),

Awarded to Dr. Michael Dingfelder, Physics:

Makkia, R., Nelson, K., Zaidi, H., & Dingfelder, M. (2019). Construction of realistic hybrid computational fetal phantoms from radiological images in three gestational ages for radiation dosimetry applications. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 64(20), 205003.

Awarded to Dr. Robert Hughes, Chemistry:

Godwin, W. C., Hoffmann, G. F., Gray, T. J., & Hughes, R. M. (2019). Imaging of morphological and biochemical hallmarks of apoptosis with optimized optogenetic tools. The Journal of Biological Chemistry , 294(45), 16918-16929.

Awarded to Dr. Claudia Jolls, Biology:

Jolls, C. L., Inkster, J. N., Scholtens, B. G., Vitt, P., & Havens, K. (2019). An endemic plant and the plant-insect visitor network of a dune ecosystem. Global Ecology and Conservation, 18, e00603.

Awarded to Dr. Joseph Lee, Health Education and Promotion:

Lee, Joseph G. L., & Chaney, Beth H., & Cabacungan, Ashley N. (November 2019). Measuring Workplace Discrimination among Sexual and Gender Minority Workers. Health Behavior and Policy Review, (6:6), p.597-604.

Awarded to Dr. Michael McCoy, Biology:

Parrish, S. C., Dormio, S. M., Richards, S. L., McCoy, K. A., & McCoy, M. W. (2019). Life in a contaminant milieu: PPCP mixtures generate unpredictable outcomes across trophic levels and life stages. Ecosphere, 10(12)

Awarded to Dr. Kyle Summers, Biology:

Stuckert, A.M.M, Linderoth, T., MacManes, M.D., & Summers, K. (2020). Differential gene expression and gene variants drive color and pattern development in divergent color morphs of a mimetic poison frog. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution,

Awarded to Dr. Nasseh Tabrizi, Computer Science:

Maleki Shoja, B., & Tabrizi, N. (2019). Customer reviews analysis with deep neural networks for E-commerce recommender systems. IEEE Access, 7, 119121-119130.   

Awarded to Dr. Rui Wu, Computer Science:

Wu, R., Yang, L., Chen, C., Ahmad, S., Dascalu, S. M., & Harris Jr, F. C. (2019). MELPF version 1: Modeling error learning based post-processor framework for hydrologic models accuracy improvement. Geoscientific Model Development, 12(9), 4115-4131.

2018-2019 Open Access Publishing Support Fund Articles

Division of Health Sciences
Awarded to Dr. Andrew Miller, Department of Emergency Medicine:

Bashar, F. R., Vahedian-Azimi, A., Farzanegan, B., Goharani, R., Shojaei, S., Hatamian, S., ... MORZAK Collaborative. (2018). Comparison of non-invasive to invasive oxygenation ratios for diagnosing acute respiratory distress syndrome following coronary artery bypass graft surgery: A prospective derivation-validation cohort study. Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, 13(1), 123.

Awarded to Dr. Moahad S. Dar, Department of Internal Medicine:

Dar, M. S., & Bég, S. A. (2018). TNM cancer staging: Can it help develop a novel staging system for type 2 diabetes? Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy, 11, 845-853.

Awarded to Dr. Ruth Schwalbe, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:

Hall, M. K., Weidner, D. A., Whitman, A. A., & Schwalbe, R. A. (2018). Lack of complex type N-glycans lessens aberrant neuronal properties. PloS One, 13(6), e0199202.

Awarded to Dr. Mahvish Muzaffar, Department of Hematology/Oncology:

Macherla, S., Laks, S., Naqash, A. R., Bulumulle, A., Zervos, E., & Muzaffar, M. (2018). Emerging role of immune checkpoint blockade in pancreatic cancer. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(11)

Awarded to Dr. Kyle Mansfield, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:

Fry, N.J., Law, B. A., Ilkayeva, O.R., Carraway, K. R., Holley, C.L., & Mansfield, K.D. N6-methyladenosine contributes to cellular phenotype in a genetically-defined model of breast cancer progression. Oncotarget, 9 (58): 31231-31243.

Awarded to Dr. Kimberly Rathbun, Department of Emergency Medicine:

Rathbun, K. M. (2019). Angioedema after thrombolysis with tissue plasminogen activator: An airway emergency. Oxford Medical Case Reports, 2019(1), omy112.

Awarded to Dr. Sinan Sousan, Department of Public Health:

Sousan, S., Gray, A., Zuidema, C., Stebounova, L., Thomas, G., Koehler, K., & Peters, T. (2018). Sensor selection to improve estimates of particulate matter concentration from a low-cost network. Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 18 (9)

Awarded to Dr. Anna Tomdio, Department of Internal Medicine:

Tomdio, A. N., Moey, M. Y. Y., Siddiqui, I., & Movahed, A. (2018). Dehiscence and embolization of CorMatrix tricuspid valve replacement in the setting of infective endocarditis: A case report. European Heart Journal. Case Reports, 2 (3), yty086.

Division of Academic Affairs
Awarded to Dr. Yong Zhu, Department of Biology:

Wu, X.-J., Thomas, P., & Zhu, Y. (2018). Pgrmc1 Knockout Impairs Oocyte Maturation in Zebrafish. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 9, 560.

Awarded to Dr. Michael McCoy, Department of Biology:

Hamman, E. A., & McCoy, M. W. (2018). Top-down pulses reduce prey population sizes and persistence. Scientific Reports, 8(1), 9346.

Awarded to Dr. Bob Chin, Department of Technology Systems:

Agarwala, R., & Chin, R. A. (2018). Innovative Controller Design for a 5MW Wind Turbine Blade. Journal of Sustainable Development , 11(4), 78.

Awarded to Dr. Chris Balakrishnan, Department of Biology:

Lansverk, A. L., Schroeder, K. M., London, S. E., Griffith, S. C., Clayton, D. F., & Balakrishnan, C. N. (2019). The variability of song variability in zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) populations. Royal Society Open Science , 6(5), 190273.

Awarded to Brian Ruiz, Graduate Student, Department of Physics:

Ruiz, B., & Feng, Y. (2018). Clinical and radiobiological evaluation of a method for planning target volume generation dependent on organ-at-risk exclusions in magnetic resonance imaging-based prostate radiotherapy. Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology, 8, 51–56.

Awarded to Dr. Michael Stellefson, Department of Health Education and Promotion:

Stellefson, M., Paige, S. R., Barry, A. E., Wang, M. Q., & Apperson, A. (2019). Risk factors associated with physical and mental distress in people who report a COPD diagnosis: latent class analysis of 2016 behavioral risk factor surveillance system data. International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Volume 14 , 809–822.

Awarded to Dr. Kyle Summers, Department of Biology:

Stuckert, A. M. M., Moore, E., Coyle, K. P., Davison, I., MacManes, M. D., Roberts, R., & Summers, K. (2019). Variation in pigmentation gene expression is associated with distinct aposematic color morphs in the poison frog Dendrobates auratus. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 19(1), 85.

2017-2018 Open Access Publishing Support Fund Articles

Awarded to Molly Albecker, Department of Biology:

Albecker, M. A., & McCoy, M.W. (2017). Adaptive responses to salinity stress across multiple life stages in anuran amphibians. Frontiers in Zoology 14 (1). BioMed Central:40.

Awarded to Dr. Beth Chaney, Department of Health Education and Promotion:

Chaney, B., & Torres, E. (2017). Covariates of identified stress and depression among seasonal farmworkers. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 14 (7). Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute:711.

Awarded to Dr. Krishnan Gopalakrishnan, Department of Computer Science:

He, Y., Gopalakrishnan, K., & Gafni, E. (2018). Group mutual exclusion in linear time and space. Theoretical Computer Science 709 (January). Elsevier:31–47.

Awarded to Dr. Ian Hines, Nutrition Science:

Hines, I. N., Kremer, M., Moore, S.M., & Wheeler, M.D. (2018). Impaired t cell-mediated hepatitis in peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha (PPARα)-deficient mice. Biological Research 51 (1). BioMed Central:5.

Awarded to Dr. Stephanie Jilcott Pitts, Department of Public Health:

Jilcott Pitts, S., Wu, Q., Truesdale, K., Laska, M., Grinchak, T., McGuirt, J., Haynes-Maslow, L., Bell, R., and Ammerman, A. (2017). Baseline assessment of a healthy corner store initiative: Associations between food store environments, shopping patterns, customer purchases, and dietary intake in Eastern North Carolina. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 14 (10). Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute:1189.

Awarded to Dr. Juhee Kim, Department of Public Health:

Kim, J., Mathews, H., Cortright, L.M., Zeng, X., and Newton, E. (2018). Factors affecting patient portal use among low-income pregnant women: Mixed-methods pilot study. JMIR Formative Research 2 (1). JMIR Formative Research:e6.

Awarded to Dr. Trip Lamb, Department of Biology:

Lamb, T., Marais, E., & Bond, J. (2017). A second locality for the namib darkling beetle Onymacris Brainei (Tenebrionidae, Coleoptera) and first report on Its molecular phylogenetic placement. ZooKeys 687 (August). Pensoft Publishers:63–72.

Awarded to Drs. Kim Larson and Suzanne Lea, Department of Nursing and Department of Public Health:

Larson, K., Mathews, H.F., Torres, E., & Lea, C.S. (2017). Responding to health and social needs of aging Latinos in new-growth communities: A qualitative study. BMC Health Services Research 17 (1). BioMed Central:601.

Awarded to Dr. Joseph Lee, Department of Health Education and Promotion:

Lee, J., Purcell, C., & Chaney, B. (2017). An experiment assessing punitive versus wellness framing of a tobacco-free campus policy on students’ perceived level of university support. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 14 (8). Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute:938.

Awarded to Dr. Jitka Virag, Department of Physiology:

Lefcoski, S., Kew, K., Reece, S., Torres, M.J., Parks, J., Reece, S., de Castro Brás, L.E. & Virag, J.A.I. (2018). Anatomical-molecular distribution of EphrinA1 in infarcted mouse heart using MALDI mass spectrometry imaging. Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry 29 (3). Springer US:527–34.

Awarded to Dr. Lynne Murphy, Department of Occupational Therapy:

Murphy, L. F., & Stav, W.B. (2018). The Impact of online video cases on clinical reasoning in occupational therapy education: A quantitative analysis. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy 6 (3).

Awarded to Dr. Robert Hughes, Department of Chemistry:

Norris, J.L., & Hughes, R.M. (2018). ProtaTETHER - a method for the incorporation of variable linkers in protein fusions reveals impacts of linker flexibility in a PKAc-GFP fusion protein. FEBS Open Bio 8 (6). Wiley-Blackwell:1029–42.

Awarded to Dr. Ariane Peralta, Department of Biology:

Peralta, A. L., Muscarella, M.E., & Matthews, J.W. (2017). Wetland management strategies lead to tradeoffs in ecological structure and function. Elem Sci Anth 5 (0). University of California Press:74.

Awarded to Dr. Joseph Quinn, Department of Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine:

Quinn, J. W., Sewell, K. & Simmons, D.E. (2018). Recommendations for active correction of hypernatremia in volume-resuscitated shock or sepsis patients should be taken with a grain of salt: A systematic review. SAGE Open Medicine 6 (January). SAGE Publications UK: London, England:205031211876204.

Awarded to Dr. Ken Soderstrom, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology:

Soderstrom, K., & Alalawi, A. (2017). Software for objective comparison of vocal acoustic features over weeks of audio recording: KLFromRecordingDays. SoftwareX 6 (January). Elsevier:271–77.

Awarded to Dr. Van Dross, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology:

Soderstrom, K., Soliman, E., & Van Dross, R. (2017). Cannabinoids modulate neuronal activity and cancer by CB1 and CB2 receptor-independent mechanisms. Frontiers in Pharmacology 8 (October). Frontiers:720.

Awarded to Dr. Michael Stellefson, Department of Health Education and Promotion:

Stellefson, M, Paige, S.R., Tennant, B., Alber, J.M., Chaney, B.H., Chaney, D., & Grossman, S. (2017). Reliability and validity of the telephone-based eHealth literacy scale among older adults: Cross-sectional survey. Journal of Medical Internet Research 19 (10). Journal of Medical Internet Research:e362.

Awarded to Dr. Xin-Hua Hu, Department of Physics:

Peng, T., Chen, C., Jin, J., Hong, H., Lu, J.Q., & Hu, X. (2018). Quantitative characterization of turbidity by radiative transfer based reflectance imaging. Biomedical Optics Express 9 (5):2081.

Awarded to Dr. Jun Lu, Department of Physics:

Wen, Y., Chen, Z., Lu, J., Ables, E., Scemama, J., Yang, L.V., Lu, J.Q., & Hu, X. (2017). Quantitative analysis and comparison of 3D morphology between viable and apoptotic MCF-7 breast cancer cells and characterization of nuclear fragmentation.” PLOS ONE 12 (9). Public Library of Science:e0184726.

Awarded to Dr. Melissa Moey, Internal Medicine

Moey, M.Y.Y., Tomdio, A.N., Achike, O., & Kabirdas, D. (2018). Large left ventricular thrombus as a cause of recurrent cardioembolic stroke while on dabigatran. CASE 2(5). Elsevier: 222-224.

Awarded to Dr. Jilcott Pitts, Department of Public Health

Jilcott Pitts, S. B., Hinkley, J., Wu, Q., McGuirt, J.T., Lyonnais, M.J., Rafferty, A.P., Whitt, O.R., Winterbauer, N., & Phillips. L. (2017). A possible dose–response association between distance to farmers’ markets and roadside produce stands, frequency of shopping, fruit and vegetable consumption, and body mass index among customers in the Southern United States. BMC Public Health 17 (1). BioMed Central:65.

Awarded to Cori Speights, Department of Biology:

Speights, C. J., Silliman, B.R., & McCoy, M.W. (2017). The Effects of elevated temperature and dissolved ΡCO 2 on a marine foundation species. Ecology and Evolution 7 (11). Wiley-Blackwell:3808–14.

2016-2017 Open Access Publishing Support Fund Articles

Awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Ables, Biology:

Ables, E. T. , Hwang, G. H., Finger, D. S., Hinnant, T. D., & Drummond-Barbosa, D. (2016). A genetic mosaic screen reveals ecdysone-responsive genes regulating Drosophila Oogenesis. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 6(8), 2629.

Awarded to Dr. Craig Becker, Health Education and Promotion:

Becker, C. M. , Lee, J. G. L., Hudson, S., Hoover, J., & Civils, D. (2017). A 14-year longitudinal study of the impact of clean indoor air legislation on state smoking prevalence, USA, 1997–2010. Preventive Medicine, 99, 63–66.

Awarded to Dr. Jessica Chittum, Elementary Education:

Chittum, J. R., Jones, B. D., Akalin, S., & Schram, A. B. (2017). The effects of an afterschool STEM program on students motivation and engagement. International Journal of STEM Education, 4 (11), 1-16.

Awarded to Dr. Jungmin Choi, Math:

Choi J. The valuation of an equity-linked life insurance using the theory of indifference pricing. IAENG international journal of applied mathematics. 2016;46:480-487.

Awarded to Dr. Reide Corbett, Geological Sciences:

Corbett, D ., Crenshaw, J., Null, K., Peterson, R., Peterson, L., & Lyons, W. (2017). Nearshore mixing and nutrient delivery along the western Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctic Science, 1-13.

Awarded to Dr. Allison Crowe, Interdisciplinary Professions:

Crowe, A ., Glass, J. S., Lancaster, M. F., Raines, J. M., & Waggy, M. R. (2017). A content analysis of psychological resilience among first responders and the general population. SAGE Open, 7(1), 2158244017698530.

Awarded to Dr. Jamie Dewitt, Pharmacology and Toxicology:

DeWitt, J. C. , Buck, B. J., Goossens, D., Teng, Y., Pollard, J., McLaurin, B. T., Gerads, R., Keil, D. E. (2017). Health effects following subacute exposure to geogenic dust collected from active drainage surfaces (Nellis Dunes Recreation Area, Las Vegas, NV). Toxicology Reports, 4, 19–31.

Awarded to Dr. Jacob Hochard, Economics:

Barbier, E. B., & Hochard, J. P. (2016). Does land degradation increase poverty in developing countries? PLOS ONE, 11(5), 1–12.

Awarded to Dr. Xin-Hua Hu, Physics:

Wang, W., Liu, J.,Lu, J. Q.,Ding, J., & Hu, X.-H. (2017). Resolving power of diffraction imaging with an objective: a numerical study. Optics Express, 25(9), 9628–9633.

Awarded to Dr. Nathan Hudson, Physics:

Hudson, N. E. (2017). Biophysical mechanisms mediating fibrin fiber lysis. BioMed Research International, 2017, 17.

Awarded to Dr. Michael McCoy, Biology:

Touchon, J. C., & McCoy, M. W. (2016). The mismatch between current statistical practice and doctoral training in ecology. Ecosphere, 7(8), e01394.

Awarded to Dr. Susan McRae, Biology:

Kolts, J. R., & McRae, S. B. (2017). Seasonal home range dynamics and sex differences in habitat use in a threatened, coastal marsh bird. Ecology and Evolution, 7(4), 1101–1111.

Awarded to Dr. Nasreen Vohra, Surgery:

Vohra, N. A. , Kachare, S. D., Vos, P., Schroeder, B. F., Schuth, O., Suttle, D.,Fitzgerald, T.L.,Wong, J.H., Verbanac, K. M. (2017). The short-term effect of weight loss surgery on volumetric breast density and fibroglandular volume. Obesity Surgery, 27(4), 1013–1023.

Awarded to Dr. Nancy Winterbauer, Public Health:

Winterbauer, N. L. , Bekemeier, B., VanRaemdonck, L., & Hoover, A. G. (2016). Applying community-based participatory research partnership principles to public health practice-based research networks. SAGE Open, 6(4), 2158244016679211.

Awarded to Dr. Baohong Zhang, Biology:

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Awarded to Dr. Stephanie Jilcott Pitts, Public Health:

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Forthcoming Articles:

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Dr. Tuan Tran , Psychology, in the Journal of Visualized Experiments

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