Laupus Health Sciences Library Staff Directory


Email Address Phone Number Division / Department
Safe Zone trained Green Zone trained Global Zone trained
John Acord
University Library Technician (252) 744-6613 Access Services
Anne Anderson
Director of the Country Doctor Museum (252) 235-4165 Country Doctor Museum
Safe Zone trained
Jamie Bloss
Research Librarian (252) 744-3055 Information and Research Services
Michelle Bone
User Assessment and Engagement Coordinator (252) 744-2379 Information and Research Services
Andrea Bristol
Budget Officer (252) 744-2214 Administrative Services
Jeffrey Coghill
Director of Eastern AHEC Library Services, Head of Outreach Services (252) 744-2066 Outreach Services
Safe Zone trained Green Zone trained
Carrie Forbes
Liaison Librarian to College of Nursing, Undergraduate Programs (252) 744-2217 Information and Research Services
Mollie Frazier
Archivist 252-744-3181 History Collections
Janice Gwaltney
Site Manager (252) 235-4165 Country Doctor Museum
Safe Zone trained
Amanda Haberstroh
Liaison Librarian to College of Nursing, Graduate Programs (252) 744-5124 Information and Research Services
Corey Harmon
Head of Access Services (252) 744-6156 Access Services
Barbara Harris-Huffman Country Doctor Museum
Camilla Harvey
Billing Manager (252) 744-0249 Access Services
Muhammad Hassan
University Library Technician (252) 744-6614 Access Services
Courtney Horns
Business Officer (252) 744-3495 Administrative Services
Megan Inman
Collection Development Librarian (252) 744-2289 Collections and Historical Services
Beth Ketterman
Director (252) 744-2213 Laupus Library
Noel Kincaid
InterLibrary Loan Manager 744-2226 Access Services
Kathy Massey
Human Resources Administrator (252) 744-2216 Administrative Services
AJ Milton
Technology Support Analyst (252) 744-6341 Administrative Services
Safe Zone trained Green Zone trained Global Zone trained
Soph Myers-Kelley
Liaison Librarian to the Brody School of Medicine (252) 744-3819 Information and Research Services
Safe Zone trained
Heidi Reis
Liaison Librarian to Brody School of Medicine (252) 744-3222 Information and Research Services
Mary Roby
Assistant Director of User Services (252) 744-1235 Information and Research Services
Marlena Rose
Assistant Director of Collections and Historical Services (252) 744-2229 Collections and Historical Services / History Collections
Roger Russell, Jr.
Associate Director (252) 744-3215 Laupus Library
Madison Tyndall
Collections Technician (252) 744-2234 Collections and Historical Services
Lizzie Yates Country Doctor Museum