Course Reserves

Course ID Course Name Instructor
ADED 6450 Community, Junior and Technical Colleges Broughton, Phyllis J
ANTH 1000 Introduction to Anthropology Luchsinger, Heidi
ANTH 4025 Theory in Anthropology Mathews, Holly
ARTH 1906 Art History Survey Madhok, Punam
ARTH 1907 Art History Survey Duffy, Michael
Madhok, Punam
ARTH 1910 Art History Survey Lazure, Sarah K.
ARTH 3920 Asian Art Madhok, Punam
ARTH 3930 Italian Renassiance Art Madhok, Punam
ARTH 4918 Art of the Eighteenth Century Duffy, Michael
ARTH 6913 Asian Art-Graduate Madhok, Punam
ARTH 6930 Italian Renassiance Art- Graduate Madhok, Punam
ATEP 2800 Medical Nomenclature for Human Performance Flanagan, Kathleen
Moore, Sharon
Pickett, Andrew D.
BIOL 1050 General Biology Bunnell, Anne E.
BIOL 2300 Principles of Genetics Thompson, Beth
CHEM 1150 General Chemistry I Hvastkovs, Eli
CHEM 2750 Organic Chemistry I Burns, Colin
Morehead, Andrew
Walker, Joi
COMM 1001 Introduction to Communication Nichols, Nikki
COMM 2020 Fundamentals of Speech Communication Hopkins, Pamela D.
Sands, Kelsey E.
Umphlett, Caroline M.
Watterson, Melissa P.
COMM 4180 Public Relations Strategies Meadows, Charles W.
COMM 4905 Media ethics Eribo, Festus
DNCE 1000 Laumann, Alicia R
ECON 2113 Principles of Microeconomics Bin, Okmyung
Bishop, John
Bowen, Yuliya P.
Ghosh, Ausmita
Grodner, Andrew
Hochard, Jacob
Howard, Gregory
Rupp, Nicholas
ECON 2133 Principles of Macroeconomics Bowen, Yuliya P.
EHST 6700 Industrial Hygiene Application Balanay, Jo Anne
ENGL 1100 Foundations of College Writing Campbell, Joseph
Eigner, Cameron
Moore, Eddie
Palumbo, Donald
Pastor, Carla H.
Raper, Angela
Shields, Edgar
Siegel, Robert
Stead, Helen
Thompson, Kimberly D.
ENGL 2201 Writing About the Disciplines Campbell, Joseph
Eigner, Cameron
Hackett, Timothy
Horne, Grace
Martoccia, Randall
Pastor, Carla H.
Raper, Angela
Thompson, Kimberly D.
ENGL 3020 History of American Literature to 1900 Shields, Edgar
ENGL 4080 Shakespeare: The Comedies Herron, Thomas
ENGL DEPT English Department Herron, Thomas
ENGR 2070 Materials and Processes Janeiro, Colleen
ENGR 2514 Circuit Analysis Castles, Ricky
Reed, Brent W.
Zhu, Yong
ENGR 3000 Engineering design and project management II Borer, Michael
ENGR 3420 Engineering Economics Borer, Michael
FINA 2244 Legal Environment of Business Futrell, Christina
Harrington, Danny
Norman, Serenity
Ray, Nancy
Silver, David
FORL 1551 Introduction to Russia Murenina, Elena
FORL 2662 Latin American Culture Through Film Valko, Jennifer
GENS 2400 Introduction to Gender Studies Squint, Kirstin L
GEOG 1000 Introduction to Geography Bee, Beth Anne
GEOG 2003 Geography of the global economy Hapke, Holly
GEOL 4200 Paleontology Culver, Stephen
GERM 3420 Special Topics Jensen, Birgit
GLST 1000 Introduction to Global Studies Medevielle, Nicolas
HIST 1051 American History to 1877 Rodabaugh, Karl
HIST 3110 History of African-Americans Dennard, David
HIST 3405 History of Ancient Greece Romer, Frank
HIST 3406 War and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome Romer, Frank
HIST 3410 History of Ancient Rome Romer, Frank
HIST 5140 The Old South Dennard, David
HIST 6230 War and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome Romer, Frank
HLTH 1000 Health in Modern Society Cavanaugh, Brian P.
Vail-Smith, Karen
HLTH 3020 Health Disparities Becker, Craig M.
HLTH 4880 Capstone: Applied Principles of Health Education Becker, Craig M.
HLTH 6600 Needs Assessment in Health Education and Promotion Becker, Craig M.
HMGT 3200 Dimensions of Tourism Khalilzadeh, Jalayer
JUST 3200 The Juvenile Justice System Kerbs, John
JUST 3525 Media and Crime Stacey, Michele
JUST 3700 Race Gender & Special Populations in the Criminal Justice Stacey, Michele
JUST 3900 Intro to Stats for Criminal Justice Kerbs, John
JUST 3900 - 001 Introductory Statistics for Criminal Justice Kerbs, John
LIBS 6135 Materials for children Sua, Lou S
MGMT 3352 International Business Adeyemi-Bello, Tope
MGMT 4352 Management in a global economy Adeyemi-Bello, Tope
MIS 2223 Introduction to Computers D'Esposito, Claudia
Eakins, Laura
Fontana, Kevin
Justice, Charles
Knapp, Janice
Li, Hong
Lopez, Crystal
MIS 6713 Delivering Business Value Through Information Systems Furner, Christopher P.
MIS 6903 Business intelligence and data analytics Furner, Christopher P.
MUSC 1112 Applied Music - Flute Gustafson, Christine
MUSC 1445 Percussion Methods Wacker, Jonathan
MUSC 2207 The Enjoyment of Music Nelson, Jocelyn
MUSC 3227 Rehersal Techniques in Secondary Instrumental Music Educatio Juchniewicz, Jay
MUSC 6006 Music Structure and Style Carr-Richardson, Amy
Huener, Thomas
Richardson, Mark
MUSC 6016 Music Structure and Style Carr-Richardson, Amy
Huener, Thomas
Richardson, Mark
NURS 6080 Theory for the Practice of Advanced Nursing Schreier, Ann
NUTR 1000 Contemporary Nutrition Finney, Jeanne M.
Scarborough, Rebecca
NUTR 1010 Cultural Foods Babatunde, Oyinlola
NUTR 4500 Community Nutrition Babatunde, Oyinlola
OMGT 3223 - FALL Business Decision Modeling Kros, John
PADM 6102 Quantitative Methods for Public Administration Xu, Hua
PDHS Pre-Dental Honor Society Morehead, Andrew
PHIL 2275 Professional Ethics Yalcin, Umit
PHYS 1250 General Physics DeWitt, Joel
Lin, Ziwei
PHYS 1260 General Physics II DeWitt, Joel
Maertz, Eric C.
PHYS 4410 Quantum Physics Lapicki, Gregory
PHYS 5410 Intro to Quantum Mechanics Lapicki, Gregory
PIRATE 1000 Pirate Read Hisle, David W.
PLAN 1900 Planning for the human environment Sung, Sangwoo
PLAN 2030 Global Cities Sung, Sangwoo
POLS 2070 Introduction to Political Theory Spalding, Nancy
PSYC 1000 Introduction to Psychology Conder, Lauren H.
Dolbier, Christyn
Knickerbocker, Faye
Meier, Emily M.
Winters, Andrea R.
PSYC 3206 Developmental Psychology Maag, Lisa
RCSC 6803 Special Topics in Recreation Sciences Janke, Megan
RCTX 4903 Special Topics in Recreation Sciences Janke, Megan
RUSI 2001 Introduction to Russian Studies: Humanities Murenina, Elena
RUSS 3220 Nineteenth Century Russian Literature in Translation Murenina, Elena
SOCI 2110 Introduction to Sociology Caston, Richard
Heald, Lori
Jones, Kathleen
Kimuna, Sitawa
SOCI 4325 Marriage and the Family Knox, David
SPAN 1001 Spanish Level I - Level III Valko, Jennifer
SPAN 1002 - 002 Spanish Level II Valko, Jennifer
SPAN 3550 Intro to Cultural Analysis Fallon, Paul
SPAN 4562 Latin American Texts of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth C Valko, Jennifer
SPED 4300 Practicum in special education Rivera, Christopher
THEA 3090 Musical Theatre Techniques Style History Tahaney, Michael

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