Course Reserves

Course ID Course Name Instructor
ADED 6450 Community, Junior and Technical Colleges Broughton, Phyllis J
ADRE 3010 Case Management in Rehabilitation Chapin, Martha
ANTH 1000 Introduction to Anthropology Luchsinger, Heidi
Mathews, Holly
Saidel, Benjamin
ANTH 2025 Sexual behavior in anthropological perspective Page, Sarah E
ANTH 3117 Prehistory of the Middle East Saidel, Benjamin
ANTH 4025 Theory in Anthropology Mathews, Holly
ART 1001 Color and Design Kim, Nanyoung
ART 1005 Design I Reich, Dindy
ART 1906 - 1907 Art History Survey
ART 2460 - FALL Image Theory and Aesthetics Wyatt, Kenneth
ART 2480 - FALL Visual Storytelling Wyatt, Kenneth
ART 3090 Design Theory in Practice Swanson, Gunnar
ART 3920 Asian Art Madhok, Punam
ART 3930 Italian Renaissance Art: 1300 - 1500 Madhok, Punam
ART 3980 Ceramic History of North Carolina and the Southeastern US Duffy, Michael
ART 4918 Eighteenth Century Art Duffy, Michael
ART 6913 Asian Art Graduate Madhok, Punam
ART 6917 Ceramic History of North Carolina and Southeastern US Duffy, Michael
ART 6930 Italian Renaissance Art: 1300-1500 Graduate Madhok, Punam
ATEP 2800 Medical Nomenclature for Human Performance Flanagan, Kathleen
BIOL 1050 General Biology Bunnell, Anne E.
Vance Chalcraft, Heather
BIOL 2130 Survey of Human Physiology and Anatomy Sutton, Leonard
BIOL 2800 Biological Instruction Vance Chalcraft, Heather
BIOL 3660 Introduction to Marine Biology Asch, Rebecca G
CHEM 2750 Organic Chemistry I Morehead, Andrew
CHEM 2760 Organic Chemistry II Love, Brian
Romack, Timothy
CLSC 4802 ___ Mannie, Ann
COHE 6000 Forrestal, Elizabeth
COMM 3142 Small Group Communication Thomson, Deborah M.
COMM 3330 Feature Writing Elmore, Cindy
COMM 4905 Media ethics Eribo, Festus
CSCI 3650 Analysis of Algorithms Gopalakrishnan, Krishnan
CSDI 3050 CSDI 3050 Holt, Yolanda F.
CSDI 3105 Riska, Kristal N.
DRED 2000 Introduction to Driver and Traffic Safety Education Shrader, Joe
ECON 2113 Principles of Microeconomics Rupp, Nicholas
ECON 5000 Economics of Poverty Bishop, John
EHST 6700 Industrial Hygiene Application Balanay, Jo Anne
ENGL 1100 Foundations of College Writing Campbell, Joseph
Siegel, Robert
ENGL 1500 American Horror Klein, Amanda
ENGL 2000 - 006 Interpreting Literature (WI) Herron, Thomas
ENGL 2100 Major British Writers Herron, Thomas
ENGL 3000 History of British Literature to 1700 Herron, Thomas
Mitra, Bansari
ENGL 3070 Shakespeare's Histories Wilson-Okamura, David
ENGL 3080 Shakespeare: The Comedies Montgomery, Marianne
Wilson-Okamura, David
ENGL 3090 Shakespeare: The Tragedies Herron, Thomas
Montgomery, Marianne
Wilson-Okamura, David
ENGL 3300 Women and Lit Sidhu, Nicole
Siegel, Robert
ENGL 3340 - SPR Contemporary Drama Siegel, Robert
ENGL 3460 Classical Mythology and American Literature Shields, Edgar
ENGL 3730 - FALL The Structure of English: Phonology and Morphology Bosse, Solveig J
ENGL 3740 The Structure of English: Syntax and Semantics Bosse, Solveig J
ENGL 4050 Prose & Poetry of the Engl Ren Herron, Thomas
ENGL 4080 Shakespeare: The Comedies Herron, Thomas
ENGL 4090 - 001 FALL Shakespeare: The Tragedies Herron, Thomas
Montgomery, Marianne
ENGL 4091 Shakespeare Topics: Hamlet Montgomery, Marianne
ENGL 4370 - 6270 Literature and Enviroment
ENGL 6151 Shakespeare Topics: Hamlet Montgomery, Marianne
ENGL 6526 - FALL The Structure of English: Phonology and Morphology Bosse, Solveig J
ENGL 6527 Syntax and Semantics Bosse, Solveig J
ENGL 7950 Issues in Teaching Composition Sharer, Wendy
ENGL DEPT English Department Herron, Thomas
ENGR 3000 Engineering design and project management II Borer, Michael
ENGR 3420 Engineering Economics Borer, Michael
ENVE 3203 Water and wastewater treatment Foeller, Jeffry
ETHN 2001 Ethnic Studies Middleton, Joyce
EXSS 3301 Physical Education and Sport in Modern Society Warner, Stacy
EXSS 4301 Exercise Science 4301 Warner, Stacy
EXSS 4301 - 001 Comparative Sport and Physical Education: International Warner, Stacy
EXSS 6001 - 001 Administration of Physical Education and Athletics Warner, Stacy
FILM 2900 Introduction to Film Studies Froula, Anna
FILM 4920 Women in US Froula, Anna
FILM 4920-001 Cinematic Identities Froula, Anna
FORL 2520 French Cinema Classics Angelini, Eileen
FORL 2620 French literature in translation Angelini, Eileen
FORL 2662 Latin American Culture Through Film Valko, Jennifer
FORL 2680 - 001 FALL Fairy Tales Smith, David
FORL 4700 German for the professions Twark, Jill
FREN 3500 Introduction to Literature Papalas, Marylaura
FREN 3700 Francophone Studies History and Culture Through Film Angelini, Eileen
GEOG 1000 Introduction to Geography Bee, Beth Anne
GEOG 1000 - 005 People, Places, and Environments Bee, Beth Anne
GEOG 4320 Gender, Economy, and Development Bee, Beth Anne
GEOG 4360 - 6360 Geographies of Global Climate
GEOL 4200 Paleontology Culver, Stephen
GERM 1002 German Level II Jensen, Birgit
GERM 2003 Intro to German Twark, Jill
GLST 1000 Introduction to Global Studies Medevielle, Nicolas
Wilmes, Justin
GRBK 2400 Great Books of the Middle Ages and Renaissance Herron, Thomas
HDFS 2001 Child Development II: Middle Childhood - Young Adulthood Dodor, Bernice
HDFS 3002 Child in the Family Desai, Priti
Dodor, Bernice
HDFS 3150 Introduction to Early Childhood Intervention Desai, Priti
HDFS 3215 The Family as Consumers Dodor, Bernice
HDFS 4210 Child Life Practicum Desai, Priti
Sira, Natalia
HDFS 4210 Child Life Practicum Desai, Priti
Sira, Natalia
HDFS 4303 Families and Cultural Diversity Desai, Priti
Dodor, Bernice
HDFS 4303 Families and Cultural Diversity Desai, Priti
Dodor, Bernice
HIST 1031 FALL World Civilizations Since 1500 Russell, Mona
HIST 3405 Ancient Greece Romer, Frank
HIST 3710 Introduction to Latin-American History: Colonial Period Thompson, Angela
HIST 3711 Introduction to Latin-American History: Since 1808 Thompson, Angela
HIST 3780 Mexico and Central America Thompson, Angela
HIST 4000 Senior seminar Thompson, Angela
HIST 5130 Comparative History of New World Slavery and Race Relations Thompson, Angela
HIST 5220 Selected Topics in US Women's History Thompson, Angela
HIST 5765 Latin America, 1492 to the Present Thompson, Angela
HIST 6350 History of Ancient Greece Romer, Frank
HIST 6930 Seminar in Atlantic world history Thompson, Angela
HLTH 3020 Health Disparities Becker, Craig M.
Johnson, Madison H.
HLTH 4880 Capstone: Applied Principles of Health Education Becker, Craig M.
HLTH 6600 Needs Assessment in Health Education and Promotion Becker, Craig M.
HMGT 4308 Cost Controls for Hospitality Operations Dennison, Doriann
HNRS 2011 The humanities through storytelling Ford, Katherine
Siegel, Robert
HNRS 2011-003 EC Scholars Seminar in the Humanities Ford, Katherine
HUMS 6300 Ethics and Research: Humanities and Basic Medical Sciences Malek, Janet
HUMS 7400 Ethics and Research: Humanities and Basic Medical Sciences Greer, Annette
IDSN 1180 - 001 Interior Design Fundamentals Swank, Katherine
INTL 6105 Global Issues Bee, Beth Anne
INTL 6500 International Problem Solving and Decision Making Smith, David
ISE 4010 Work measurement and human factors Kim, Byungjoon
JUST 3200 The Juvenile Justice System Kerbs, John
JUST 3700 Race Gender & Special Populations in the Criminal Justice Stacey, Michele
JUST 3900 - 001 Introductory Statistics for Criminal Justice Kerbs, John
KINE 3301 Physical Education and Sport in Modern Society DiGiacinto, Kacey L.
Warner, Stacy
LATN 1001 Latin Level I Ellison, Lisa
LING 3750 Introductory Linguistics Johnson, Mark
MGMT 4352 Management in a global economy Adeyemi-Bello, Tope
MIS 6713 Delivering Business Value Through Information Systems Furner, Christopher
MPH 6000 Public Health Kearney, Gregory D.
MPH 6010 6010 Kearney, Gregory D.
MPH 6011 Introduction to Epidemiology Lea, Cary
MPH 6670 Rafferty, Ann
MUSC 1112 Applied Music - Flute Gustafson, Christine
MUSC 1406-299 Music History & Literature I - Medieval to Renaissance Moll, Kevin
MUSC 1445 Percussion Methods Wacker, Jonathan
MUSC 2207 The Enjoyment of Music Nelson, Jocelyn
MUSC 2257 Jazz Appreciation Davis, Daniel Roger
MUSC 2416-299 Music History & Literature III - Romantic, Modern, Postmod. Moll, Kevin
MUSC 3227 Rehersal Techniques in Secondary Instrumental Music Ed. Juchniewicz, Jay
MUSC 3637 Voice Pedagogy Franklin, Nicole
MUSC 4196 Jazz History Davis, Daniel Roger
MUSC 4536 Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis Carr-Richardson, Amy
MUSC 5897 Survey of Performance Practice Huener, Thomas
MUSC 6006 Music Structure and Style Carr-Richardson, Amy
Huener, Thomas
Richardson, Mark
MUSC 6016 Music Structure and Style Carr-Richardson, Amy
Huener, Thomas
Richardson, Mark
MUSC 6396 Advance Jazz History Davis, Daniel Roger
MUSC 6536 Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis Carr-Richardson, Amy
NURS 3611 Health Assessment Martin, Jeanne E.
NURS 3613 Lifespan in Nursing Practice I Martin, Jeanne E.
NURS 3614 Theoretical and Clinical Concepts Martin, Jeanne E.
NURS 6978 NURSING Mullinix, Constance
NURS6008 Schreier, Ann
NUTR 1010 Cultural Foods Babatunde, Oyinlola
NUTR 4500 Community Nutrition Babatunde, Oyinlola
OCCT 6080 Environmental Contexts and Systems of Occupational Therapy Velde, Beth
OMGT 3223 - FALL Business Decision Modeling Kros, John
PADM 6101 Analysis for the Public Sector Smirnova, Olga
PADM 6102 Quantitative Methods for Public Administration Smirnova, Olga
PADM 6116 Women, Public Policy and Administration Mani, Bonnie G.
PADM 6120 Public Budgeting and Finance Smirnova, Olga
PADP 6500 Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics Schwartz, Michael
Trapp, Jane
PDHS Pre-Dental Honor Society Morehead, Andrew
PHIL 1500 Introduction to Logic Georgalis, Nicholas
PHIL 2275 Professional Ethics Yalcin, Umit
PHYS 1250 General Physics DeWitt, Joel
Lin, Ziwei
PHYS 1260 General Physics II DeWitt, Joel
Maertz, Eric C.
PHYS 4310 Modern Optics DeWitt, Regina
PHYS 4410 Quantum Physics Lapicki, Gregory
PHYS 5410 Intro to Quantum Mechanics Lapicki, Gregory
PIRATE 1000 Pirate Read Gee, Charles William
PLAN 2030 Global Cities Flood, Merrill
Hur, Misun
PLAN 3022 FALL History Theory of Planning Hur, Misun
PLAN 3030 Urban and Regional Planning Sung, Sangwoo
PLAN 4065 Land use planning Mukherji, Anuradha
POLS 2070 Introduction to Political Theory Spalding, Nancy
POLS 3032 Statistical Methods for Political Science Smirnova, Olga
POLS 3041 Women and Policy Mani, Bonnie G.
PSYC 1000 Introduction to Psychology Dolbier, Christyn
PSYC 3206 Developmental Psychology Maag, Lisa
RCLS 4702 - 601 Independent Study in Recreation Janke, Megan
REHB 5000 Rehb McDougal, Jennifer J.
REHB 6250 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Alston, Paul
REHB 6360 Rehabilitation an Substance Abuse Counseling Practicum Goodwin, Lloyd R.
RELI 1000 Introduction to Religious Studies Dawson, Kathy
RELI 1000 - 001 Introduction to Religious Studies Dawson, Kathy
RELI 1690 World Religions Mercer, Calvin
Nyangweso, Mary Wangila
RELI 2400 Religion and Film Johnson, Lee
RELI 2696 Introduction to the New Testament Mercer, Calvin
RELI 3700 Religion and Social Issues Dawson, Kathy
RUSI 4000 - SPR Senior Seminar in Russian Studies Wilmes, Justin
SOCI 1025 Courtship and Marriage Knox, David
SOCI 3325 - FALL Sociology of Human Sexuality Knox, David
SOCI 4000 - FALL LGBT Identity Society Kane, Melinda
SPAN 1001 Spanish Level I - Level III Valko, Jennifer
SPAN 1002 - 002 Spanish Level II Valko, Jennifer
SPAN 2003 Spanish level 3 Lorenzo, Javier
SPAN 4562 Latin American Texts of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth C Valko, Jennifer
SPAN 6030 Special Topic Hispanic Studies Lorenzo, Javier
THEA 1061 Musical Theatre Voice DAVIS, TONYA (MS)
THEA 3090 Musical Theatre Techniques Style History Tahaney, Michael
THEA 3603 Script Analysis Mobley, Jennifer
THEA 4323 The Teaching of Theatre Arts in Grades K-12 Clark, Patricia A.

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