Course Reserves

Course Reserves are titles selected by class instructors for use in specific classes. Sometimes these are the required textbook and sometimes they are solutions manuals or additional resources the instruction wants students to consult. You may find if your instructor has placed anything on reserve for your classes by searching or browsing the list below by course ID, course name, or instructor name. If there is a title on the list that you would like to borrow, ask for it at the Circulation Desk of the owning library. Often titles on Course Reserve have a short loan period of three hours or one day so that many in a class can have the opportunity to consult them.

Course ID Course Name Instructor
ADED 6003 Special Topics: Global Perspectives Rhodes, Christy
ANTH 4025 Theory in Anthropology Daniel, Isaac
Page, Sarah E
ANTH 5010 Advanced Archaeological Methods and Theory Daniel, Isaac
ART 1020 Drawing Eagle, John
ARTH 1906 Art History Survey Madhok, Punam
ARTH 1907 Art History Survey Madhok, Punam
ARTH 3920 Asian Art Madhok, Punam
ARTH 3930 Italian Renassiance Art Madhok, Punam
ARTH 6913 Asian Art-Graduate Madhok, Punam
ARTH 6930 Italian Renassiance Art- Graduate Madhok, Punam
BIOL 1050 General Biology Bunnell, Anne E.
BIOL 3660 Introduction to Marine Biology Asch, Rebecca G
CHEM 2750 Organic Chemistry I Love, Brian
Morehead, Andrew
Walker, Joi
CHEM 7532 Organic Synthesis Love, Brian
COAS 2025 Survey of Coastal and Marine Resources Luczkovich, Joseph
COMM 2020 Fundamentals of Speech Communication Hopkins, Pamela D.
COMM 3063 Race, Ethnicity, and Media Muldrow, Adrienne
COMM 4180 Public Relations Strategies Meadows, Charles W.
ECON 2113 Principles of Microeconomics Bin, Okmyung
Rupp, Nicholas
ECON 3353 Development Economics Zeager, Lester
ECON 3550 Decisions and Games Zeager, Lester
ENG 2000 Interpreting Literature Squint, Kirstin L
ENG 3240 U.S. Latinx Literature Squint, Kirstin L
ENG 3860 Introduction to Nonfiction Writing Thomas, Amber
ENG 4340 Ethnic American Literature Squint, Kirstin L
ENG2201 Writing in the Disciplines Eigner, Cameron
ENGL 3250 Native American Literature Squint, Kirstin L
ENGL 4120 18th Century Literature: Publishing, Popularity, and Print Glover, Brian D.
ENGL 6151 British Literature Before 1800: Publishing, Popularity, and Glover, Brian D.
ENGL 6350 Native American Literature Squint, Kirstin L
ENGL 7615 Rhetorical theory Sharer, Wendy
ENGR 2070 Materials and Processes Janeiro, Colleen
FINA 2244 Legal Environment of Business Ray, Nancy
GEO 1250 Water in the Environment Palmer-Moloney, Laura
GEOL 4200 Stratigraphy and Paleontology Culver, Stephen
GERM 3420 Special Topics Jensen, Birgit
GLST 1000 Introduction to Global Studies Jones, Susanne
GLST 1551 Introduction to Russia Murenina, Elena
HIST 1051 American History to 1877 Rodabaugh, Karl
HLTH 1000 Health in Modern Society Cavanaugh, Brian P.
Vail-Smith, Karen
HLTH 2050 Sexual Health Vail-Smith, Karen
HLTH 3020 Health Disparities Becker, Craig M.
Farr, Deeonna
HLTH 4880 Capstone: Applied Principles of Health Education Becker, Craig M.
HLTH 6110 Intervention Strategies for Health Education and Promotion Farr, Deeonna
HLTH 6600 Needs Assessment in Health Education and Promotion Becker, Craig M.
HMGT 3750 Hospitality Facilities Management De Chabert-Rios, Jacqueline
KINE 4003 Special Topics in Exercise and Sports Science Flanagan, Kathleen
LDHE 8070 History and Philosophy of Higher Education Chambers, Crystal
MGMT 3352 International Business Adeyemi-Bello, Tope
MGMT 4352 Management in a global economy Adeyemi-Bello, Tope
MUSC 1191 Applied Music - Trombone Driscoll, Matthew T.
MUSC 1192 Applied Trombone Driscoll, Matthew T.
MUSC 1406-299 Music History I - Antiquity - Medieval - Renaissance Moll, Kevin
MUSC 1445 Percussion Methods Mallette, Quintin R.
MUSC 1627 Italian and English Lyric Diction for Singers Shirley, Daniel C
MUSC 2207 The Enjoyment of Music Nelson, Jocelyn
MUSC 2406-001-002 Music History and Literature Nelson, Jocelyn
MUSC 2416-299 Music History III - Romantic, Modern, Postmodern Moll, Kevin
MUSC 3194 Applied Trombone Driscoll, Matthew T.
MUSC 4195 Advanced Jazz History Davis, Daniel Roger
MUSC 4196 Jazz History Davis, Daniel Roger
MUSC 4426 - 6126 Music of the Romantic Era Moll, Kevin
MUSC 4508 Music Theory Pedagogy Carr-Richardson, Amy
MUSC 5257 Psychology of Music Driscoll, Virginia
MUSC 5706 Advanced Applied Conducting Franklin, James
MUSC 6356 Music Theory Pedagogy Carr-Richardson, Amy
MUSC 6396 Advance Jazz History Davis, Daniel Roger
MUSC001 The Amazing Recording Booth Davis, Alexander
NURS 6080 Theory for the Practice of Advanced Nursing Schreier, Ann
NUTR 4500 Community Nutrition Babatunde, Oyinlola
NUTR1010 Cultural Foods Babatunde, Oyinlola
OMGT 3223 - FALL Business Decision Modeling Kros, John
PADM 6101 Analysis for the Public Sector Smirnova, Olga
PADM 6102 Quantitative Methods for Public Administration Smirnova, Olga
Xu, Hua
PADP 6510 Pharm for PA Schwartz, Michael
PADP 6800 Scott, Selena
PDHS Pre-Dental Honor Society Morehead, Andrew
PHIL 1500 Introduction to Logic Miller, Richard
PHIL 2112 Philsophy of Free Speech Veber, Michael
PLAN 1900 Planning for the human environment Sung, Sangwoo
PLAN 2030 Global Cities Sung, Sangwoo
PSYC 3206 Developmental Psychology Maag, Lisa
PTHE 8200 Clinical Biomechanics Willson, John
PTHE 8501 Orthotics and Prostetics Rehabilitation - Dental Wedge, Ryan
RELI 3869 Life and Teachings of Jesus Dawson, Kathy
RELI 3896 Life and Teachings of Jesus Dawson, Kathy
RUSI 2001 Introduction to Russian Studies: Humanities Murenina, Elena
RUSS 1001 Russian Level I Wilmes, Justin
RUSS 3220 Nineteenth Century Russian Literature in Translation Murenina, Elena
SOCI 2110 Introduction to Sociology Heald, Lori
SOCI 4325 Marriage and the Family Knox, David
SOCI 4800 Senior Seminar Pearce, Susan
SOCW 3306 Social Policy 1 Eastman, Brenda
SPED 4300 Practicum in special education Rivera, Christopher
THEA 3055 History of the American Musical Theatre Rutzen, Daniel

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