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L'Année Philologique

A searchable index that includes a blend of full-text articles. A standard bibliographic tool for research in classical studies. Topics include: the language, literature, history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Published by the Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique, with the American Philological Association and the Database of Classical Bibliography, and with the support of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (USA). Content spans 1927 – Present.

Lab Tests Online

Produced by laboratory professional societies, this site provides descriptions of laboratory tests including interpretation information. The site also includes a list of conditions and diseases along with the tests that are typically used in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions and diseases.

LearningExpress with PrepSTEP

Practice tests, interactive tutorials, and ebooks for students adult learners. Includes practices tests such as GED, GRE, SAT, TEAS, and supports those looking to improve core academic skills, pass a high school equivalency test, prepare for college, join the military, obtain occupational certification, find a job, change careers, become a U.S. citizen and much more.

Leftist Newspapers and Periodicals

A collection of English-language publications spanning beyond the 20th century (1845-2015) covering Communist, Socialist and Marxist thought, theory and practice. Issues covered include workers’ rights, organized labor, labor strikes, Nazi atrocities, McCarthyism’s rise after WWII, Civil Rights, and modern-day class struggles which give rise to renewed interest in alternative social organizations.

Legislative Insight

A full-text federal legislative history service that provides access to professionally researched compilations of digital congressional publications relevant to enacted U.S. public laws. Content includes: bills, reports, documents, hearings, reports, bills, etc. It is comprised of fully searchable PDFs of publications generated in the course of congressional lawmaking. Content spans 1929 – present.

Lexicomp for Dentistry

Lexicomp for Dentistry, an internet-based platform for dental-specific pharmacology and clinical information helps increase efficiency and improve patient care by offering office-wide access to continually updated content.

LGBT Magazine Archive

Archive of major periodicals devoted to LGBT+ interests, consisting of two separate collections. Coverage ranges from the 1950s through to recent years.

LGBT Studies in Video

A cinematic survey of the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as well as the cultural and political evolution of the LGBT community. Contains award-winning documentaries, archival footage, and select feature films. Topics include: LGBT history, gay culture and subcultures, civil rights, marriage equality, LGBT families, AIDS, transgender issues, religious perspectives on homosexuality, and other topics.

LGBT Thought and Culture

Covers key works and archival documentation of LGBT political and social movements throughout the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Topics include: LGBT cultural studies, history, women’s and gender studies, political science, sociology and more. Available materials include texts, letters, speeches, interviews, and ephemera covering the political evolution of gay rights as well as memoirs, biographies, poetry, and works of fiction that illuminate members of the LGBT community. Content spans late 19th C – early 21st C.

LGBTQ+ Source

Contains blend of abstracts, indexing, full-text and includes links to full text. Covers Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues. Content includes: The Advocate, Gay Parent Magazine, Girlfriends, GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies, James White Review, ISNA News, Ladder, Lesbian Tide, New York Blade, ONE, Tangents, Washington Blade and more. Content spans 1990’s – present.

Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA)

An international, multilingual abstracting and indexing tool with full-text available, designed for library professionals and other information specialists. Topics include: information management, information technology, internet technology, knowledge management, librarianship, libraries and archives, library management, library technology, library use and users, and online information retrieval. Content spans 1969 – present.

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Library Literature and Information Science Full Text

Contains blend of full-text, abstracts and indexing. Indexes articles and book reviews in library and information science periodicals, books, chapters in collected works such as conference proceedings, library school theses, and pamphlets. Topics include: automation, care and restoration of books, cataloging, censorship, copyright, electronic searching, indexing, preservation of materials, public relations, publishing, rare books and reference service. Content spans 1980 – present.

Library Science Database

This database includes full-text journals and other sources in linguistics, covering all aspects of the study of language including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

Life at Sea

A collection of personal narratives exploring the lives of seafarers in the Anglo-American maritime world. Largely narrative content giving accounts of life onboard a variety of ocean-going vessels. Content is sourced from journals and memoirs written by sailors.

Life Magazine Archive

A collection of articles and documentary photographs and informative captions. Topics include national and international events, topical stories, politics, popular culture and history of business. Content spans 1923 - 2000.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

Provides indexing, abstracts for articles, books, dissertations and working papers on international literature in linguistics and language sciences. Topics include anthropological linguistics, applied linguistics, discourse analysis, language - pathological and normal, learning disabilities, nonverbal communication, phonetics, phonolgy and psycholinguistics. Content spans 1973 - Present.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com)

LinkedIn Learning is an online library of instructional videos that teach software tools and skills. Available to ECU faculty, staff, and students with a current Pirate ID and password.

Literature Resource Center

Provides full-text journal articles literary criticism, reviews, biographies of writers in all disciplines from all time periods.

Loeb Classical Library

A collection of Latin, Greek, and English texts available in a modern interface, allowing readers to browse, search, bookmark, annotate, and share content.

Los Angeles Sentinel (1935-2005)

This historical newspaper provides genealogists, researchers and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time. Coverage: 1934 - 2005.

LWW Health Library

The LWW Health Library contains two collections of medical eBooks, including Premium Basic Sciences Collection and Emergency Medicine.